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On love, connection and good deeds: the story of Livnat and the late Kutz family


The unique story of the Western Negev is intertwined with the stories of the families who chose to settle in the southern part of the country, which is near the Gaza Strip. This is the story of the late Livnat and Aviv Kutz together with their three beloved children: 18-year-old Rotem, and nbsp; The late 16-year-old Yonatan and the late 14-year-old Fatah are these days giving light to life in the silent Kibbutz Kfar Gaza.

A family full of laughter, hope, action, craft and community - each in their own world, brought light to the fabric of family and community life which created a quality life center and unforgettable love for the community of Kfar Gaza and the surrounding settlements.

Despite the routine rocket fire and the incessant attacks on Kibbutz Kfar Gaza, the late Kotz family remained faithful to hope and peace, until the morning of Saturday, October 7, when the five members of the family woke up to the inferno of the murder and horror attack by Hamas terrorists. The acts of horror and murder reached the family's home Kotz took the lives of the five family members who were found cuddled together in the bed inside the house they built just four years ago in the kibbutz where Aviv grew up.


In their last embrace we are commanded to tell the story of their lives and continue their legacy:

Spring,   a man of spirit and work. A soul that walked among humanity and sought to create good in the world.

He worked as the vice president of the semiconductor division at AVIV, while in his spare time he was free to create and craft. He welded and created spectacular sculptures, and every year, he initiated and founded the annual "Kibutionade" in Kibbutz Kfar Gaza, to which he gathered the entire community for one special day in which kites are flown into the sky as a sign of hope and peace. "The Epiphonida" was supposed to take place on Saturday, Simchat Torah, October 7, 2023.


Rotem,  the first-born, served as a rookie commander at the training base (B.D. 7) and devotedly and lovingly cared for toddlers and children in Kfar Gaza education. In her creative way she sewed, baked and dreamed of traveling all over the world.


Jonathan, an outstanding basketball player in the youth team of Hapoel Tel Aviv, studied at the Green Village Boarding School in order to fulfill his dream and play professionally in the leading teams in Israel and the world. Infinite sensitivity characterized his character and rolling laughter and endless joy flooded his surroundings. 

Iftach, The young man in Bildim only started his career in Hapoel Tel Aviv's youth basketball team last September, and aspired to follow in his brother's footsteps at Kfar Hirok boarding school. A smart and shy boy with a constant smile on his face, created in his humble way a joy of life among all those around him.

and Livnat A mother, a wife, a friend, and a partner in the dreams of many, many people from all over the country and the world, she was gifted with her intuitive ability to sense the needs of those around her and to use extreme creativity for doing good.

9 years ago, she worked in her dream job at the Intel company as a graphic designer, and following Operation Tzuk Eitan in which they were forced to leave their home in Kfar Gaza and move it to Afula, she took upon herself the care regarding the early childhood education systems of the community, since her children did not go to school for more than a month . In her new position, she was exposed to the strengths and release of distress and trauma through creation and craft that exist within children. They would build rockets and tanks at carpentry tables, and express emotions such as fear, distress and anxiety through mud.

With the return to routine at the end of the operation, Livnat faced many challenges including dealing with anxiety attacks. With the strong support of the family and the community, she avoided stopping, and put her dream into action -

Building a house that will give girls and boys an hour of crafting in the middle of the school day, and will be based on ancient and simple skills such as: sewing, embroidery, pottery and carpentry-"Workshop".

Livnat's "Workshop" has become over the years a breathing space through working hands, in areas where the emergency routine accompanies the way of life. Various meetings between children, youth and adults through craft work created a space of experience that provides an anchor and refuge for self-expression to any person who desires it.


This page was established in memory of the late Kotz family dear to our hearts, so that we can continue to act and perpetuate the good spirit they brought into the world.

Created by: Ariela Alosh

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