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Wings of Hope

A wall art composion that expresses the creavity and inspiraon of the Kutz family from Kibbutz Kfar Gaza.

Help us distribute wings of hope in the country and all over the world, and continue the Creative spirit of Kutz family.


'Wings of Hope' was created in July 2023 by the late Livnat Kutz and kibbutz Kfar Aza community.

The exhibit is an artwork consisting of old plastic toys collected from the wall of the shelter in Kfar Azza and symbolize values of sustainability, creation and optimistic community belonging that illuminate the late Livnat and her special family, O.B.M.

We imagine a lofty exciting dream: 'Wings of Hope' will be established in every corner of the community in Israel and around the world, in order to preserve Livnat's dedicated values of community, partnership and resilience and thus keep her memory alive in our hearts.

The magnificent wings will serve as a community meeting place for creation, arts and crafts and a community that are powerfully connected, as well as a cultural, noble and social world that will shine a light beyond the borders of the kibbutz and the country

Together we will create a new challenge of creation, arts and crafts, and community, which will influence future generations and leave its mark and the memory of the late Livnat Kutz in the heart of Israeli and international art.


The story of Livnat and the late Kutz family O.B.M

The unique story of the Western Negev is interwoven with the stories of the families who chose to settel le in the southern region located near the Gaza Strip. Thus, the story of Livnat and Aviv Kutz, and their three beloved children: 18-year-old Rotem, 16-yearold Yonatan, and 14-year-old Yiftach, illuminates the lives that were extinguished at Kibbutz Kfar Azza on October 7, 2023.

A family full of laughter, hope, action, art, and community, each in their own space, brought light to the fabric of family and community life, creating a worthy center of life and unforgettable love for the community of Kfar Azza and surrounding communities.

Despite the routine rocket fire and incessant attacks on Kibbutz Kfar Azza, the Kutz family remained steadfast in their hope and belief in peace until that Saturday morning, October 7, when the five family members woke up to the inferno of the horrific murderous attacks by Hamas terrorists who murdered them in their home, which they finished building only four years before.

"One person's garbage is the material for another's creation,
The power of wings for the community"

Livnat Kutz


Make your own wings


For the full recipe click here!

"You can do it alone, we totally believe in you! We have prepared precise instructions that will help you create 'Wings of hope' at your community, neighborhood, city, school... and you'll be surprised to find out it's quite simple. Between us... the decision to bring 'Wings of hope' to you is a strong and special statement.

On one hand, it unites the community for a unique joint creation time, on the other hand, it educates about sustainability and recycling. Thirdly, it decorates the space with colorful and joyful environmental art, and fourthly, it perpetuates the memory of Livnat and the values ​​she believed in.

Are you ready to spread your wings and fly into the creative experience?

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